Caitlyn Kudrecki and her journey through tennis


Caitlyn Kudrecki has been playing tennis for just 3 years. But her lack of experience never stopped her from reaching for her dream: to be on a college tennis team.

"Most girls just gave up, and they've practiced all their lives, but me it only took me 3 or 4 years to get where I am right now." -Caitlyn Kudrecki

And with the help of her qualified coach AJ Varnado, those dreams became attainable.

"he's part of our family. He's our best friend. He's really stuck by her no matter what." -Christine Kudrecki

"she's put about 20 to 25 hours a week into training, so that actually shows me about how much she's dedicated her time to the sport." -AJ Varnado

But making it this far wasn't without facing hardships and adversity along the way. Caitlyn says many of her friends didn't understand the time commitment that tennis requires.

"she's sacrificed a lot of things that most teenagers would not be willing to sacrifice, to meet her goal, which is to play college tennis." - Christine

"I've lost a lot of friends since they like don't understand what I've been through. But I still never gave up." - Caitlyn

"She's sacrificed a lot and by her sacrificing, it didn't go undone." - AJ

Her overwhelming amount of dedication and determination paid off.

"The only dream I ever had was to be a college tennis player, and I've made it. I'm going to Southern Wesleyan University." - Caitlyn

Where she will get to live out her dream of being a college tennis player.

"People don't follow their dreams like they used to, and so people always fall short of what they want to do. And so being a college tennis player really means a lot to me because I never fall short of my dream." - Caitlyn