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Flu activity in Louisiana rising; local hospitals seeing more cases of H1N1

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Flu season is in full swing and the state of Louisiana is one of the states with the highest flu activity.

According to the Louisiana Office of Public Health, the "Influenza-Like Illness" indicator code for the state, along with 9 others, is high. Lake Charles Memorial Infection Preventionist Bridget Boudreaux says the majority of patients she's been seeing are testing positive for Type A flu, but a specific kind.

"In the last two or three weeks," said Boudreaux. "Here in Louisiana, we have seen our highest increase in rates. We're seeing a different strain; we're seeing the H1N1, the old swine flu we saw back in 2009 when there was actually a pandemic. That's the type that is presenting this year."

Though she says she hasn't seen any severe cases of H1N1 in Southwest Louisiana, the "Influenza-Like Illness" indicator code in the state is nearing 5% and is expected to go up.

"The anticipation is, that it may only get worse for the time being," said Boudreaux. "We don't know, we can't predict. So we realize that we've got to be cautious."

The office of public health also says the percent positivity of tests in Louisiana is 29% and the predominant strain is influenza A, the 2009 H1N1.

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