Burton Coliseum to see facility improvements

Burton Coliseum to see upgrades to facilities

The Burton Coliseum was built back in 1976 and it's served the community well over the years, but if see it now...

"If you drive out here now, you probably won't recognize what it looked like in the past. "

Explains Jason Barnes General Manager of the Burton Coliseum Complex.

That's because the Burton coliseum is getting some much needed renovations.

"on the outside we're replacing all the panels to a new color and making it more...durable we're also replacing the roof as well."

That's not the only thing getting an upgrade.

"We've changed out all of our lights inside the coliseum...they're all LEDs and they're working out very well for us...the basketball teams have played here and they like the new illumination that it sets on the court."

In addition to the new lights some of the entrances will also have wheelchair ramps to be more friendly to the public.

With all the changes there's hope to draw more events to the coliseum.

"We'd like to do concerts in the future; we'd like to have circuses. we also want to get more engaged in the sports activities."

So, after the renovations are complete the goal is to give a boost to our area.

"We're hoping to get many more of those kinds of events that can not only generate the economy in a positive way, but also generate the public to enjoy the facility they have right here in Southwest Louisiana."

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