Attorneys for man accused of killing pastor respond to suit

Woodrow Karey. (Source: CPSO)
Woodrow Karey. (Source: CPSO)

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Attorneys for Woodrow Karey, the man accused of fatally shooting a pastor, have filed a response to a civil suit by the pastor's widow.

The response includes a vulgar text message Ronald Harris, the pastor, allegedly sent to Karey's wife. A full copy of the response can be found here. Warning: this document contains graphic content.

In the filing, Karey's attorneys, Todd S. Clemons and Adam P. Johnson, claim that Karey provided financial assistance to Harris and to the church.

Attorney Ron Richard, who represents Harris' widow, said that nothing Harris did justifies what happened to him.

"Regardless of the allegations made in this matter, it is still the law of this land that 'thou shalt not kill,' " Richard said. "I will pursue wrongful death in this matter until the end."

"While it brings us no pleasure to discuss it, it is our duty to exhaust all defenses on behalf of Mr. Karey as these very elements of the case will be raised later in a court of law," Clemons and Johnson said in an email to KPLC. "Anyone who knows Mr. Karey knows him to be a man of character, integrity, and faith."

"The truth will continue to unfold in this matter. While it may appear on the surface that our client's actions on the night in question were extreme, it will become readily apparent that they were not," said Clemons and Johnson. "The facts will confirm that Woodrow Karey Jr. acted in a justified manner after being substantially provoked by the conduct of Ronald Harris Sr."

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