Early Christmas for Allen Parish

Allen parish district attorney Todd Nesom and his team are playing the role of Santa's helpers as they deliver Christmas presents to some children in need. It's all about helping those in need says Nesom.

"Needy kids that don't really have a Christmas and won't be having a Christmas without the help of others and those are the families we aim to help."

So they load up their trailer and start delivering all around Allen Parish -- much to the surprise of the families. As was apparent by Britta Henry mother of Wyatt Henry.

"I was not expecting it all...at all, at all. it blew me away, but it was appreciated. a good man with a big heart."

The teams of Santa's helpers have their ways of finding those who really need some Christmas cheer explains Nesom.

"The names come from the school generally, some churches give us names and then some come from just other people that let us know needy families that meet the criteria."

For those families being able to have a Christmas for their kids is the most important thing says mother Jessica Runge.

"I didn't expect it all, but it's a blessing. They um...we were having a hard time and this helped out...my kids are gonna have a good Christmas now, that's all that matters."

For the kids they never know where their wish list ends up, but that's not a problem says Nesom.

"They really have no idea, they don't know where their list goes. They think it goes probably to the North Pole and that's fine with us. We do it for the looks as you can see, we do it for the looks on the kid's faces...and that's one of the best parts of this job. being able to help out somebody. Somebody that's less fortunate."

The goal for the volunteers is to keep spreading holiday cheer says Nesom.

"We're gonna do it every year parish wide and however many kids we have then that's what we'll take care of."

Nesom and his volunteers were able to help deliver Christmas presents to nearly three hundred kids this holiday season.

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