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Oberlin property owner makes accusations against mayor

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Robert Lee is a retired federal employee who decided to spend his golden years in Oberlin. He lives in a subdivision developed by Oberlin Mayor Rick Smith. Lee blames the mayor and city workers for damage done to his property. He even filed a police report.

"I'm accusing the mayor of coming on my land without permission and destroying my property and not trying to correct it," said Lee.

Plus, he says town workers, equipment and materials had no business on private property in the mayor's subdivision.

"I've got the pictures to show that city employees were there, and they had materials coming from the city, and they had the vehicle. They had the dozer. They had a truck. They had four employees that were later identified as city employees, so they're there," said Lee.

However, Mayor Rick Smith denies any improper use of workers, equipment or materials on private property. He says the town adopted the streets and is therefore responsible for water and sewage. So, he says it's proper for the town to do work there. Also, he says damage to Lee's property was an accident and will be fixed when weather permits.

"We would do way too much damage, so we're going to wait until it dries up a little bit. We've already agreed in the council meeting that the water tap will be moved over approximately a foot, to have a little working distance there to go ahead and reconnect the lines," said Lee.

Still, city council member Phil Beard, shares Lee's concerns and has asked the town's auditor to determine if government materials may have been used for private purposes. A routine audit is currently underway.

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