Conviction, sentencing upheld in 'heinous' sex crimes case

The conviction and sentencing of a Calcasieu Parish sex offender will stand, as ordered by the 14th Judicial Court, according to a decision released Wednesday by the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeal.

The case against Deke Duraso dates back to 2009, when he was charged with four counts of aggravated sex crimes.

The prosecution in the case recommended a sentence of 25 years, but the judge proclaimed that the crimes were so heinous that he doubled the sentence.

Duraso then tried to revoke the guilty plea he had made, but the court denied his request.

In the decision released Wednesday, the appeals court upheld the lower court's decision, denying a defense motion to quash and withdraw the guilty plea.

The 3rd Circuit also affirmed Duraso's conviction and sentence in the case.

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