Five SWLA Stars Set to Feature in LHSAA East-West Football Game

LHSAA All Star

BATON ROUGE, LA -- The Louisiana High School Athletic Association (LHSAA) in conjunction with the Louisiana High School Coaches Association (LHSCA) and the Louisiana Football Coaches Association (LFCA) announced recently that the East-West All Star Football Game will be held Saturday, Dec. 21, 2013 at 1:00 p.m. at Independence Stadium in Shreveport, La.

For the past nine years, the LHSCA and the LFCA have hosted the Bayou Bowl in conjunction with their Texas counterparts to feature an all-star game between some of the best high school football players of both states. Due to sponsorship issues, Texas is no longer able to participate, and the bowl has been disbanded.

With the return of the East-West All-Star Football Game, the LHSCA/LFCA now had the opportunity to honor twice the amount of outstanding senior football players than years past. Any member-school coach was able to nominate a senior football player for consideration.

The selection committee, which was comprised of coaches from each class and the coaches of the all-star game narrowed down the 389 nominees from 161 schools to two, 36-member teams.

The five stars from Southwest Louisiana are Trey Quinn and Kennon Fontenot of Barbe, Demond Delahoussaye of Washington Marion, Tyler Johnson of Westlake and Charles Wilridge of LaGrange.