Bookstoop launches crowd funding campaign

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - If you've ever been a college you know how tough it can be finding money for everyday things and that includes textbooks for class.

It's something every student needs to succeed in their class.

McNeese Student Patrick Hardy thinks buying textbooks is really tough on a student's wallet.

"Spending $600 or $350 on books is rough."

That's how a lot of students feel, including Ben Nguyen who was one of the winners of the business pitch competition for the McNeese State SEED Center.

His business idea was for Bookstoop which provides a free service to students to post and sell books to one another via Bookstoop's website.

Ben thinks that having students sell to other students without the middle man is the easiest way for students to save money.

"If there are students who want to sell the book and students who want to buy the book why do we need the retailer?

Bookstoop makes it easy by allowing students to search for a specific text or even by an individual class.

But, Bookstoop is still trying to get off the ground through crowd funding on

Crowd funding is the idea of a large number of people donating small amounts of money, so that a project -- in this case Bookstoop can launch their mobile app and revamp their website.

But, the goal isn't only to raise money it's to bring awareness to what Bookstoop does as Zach Wyatt Bookstoop's marketing advisor explains the values of crowd funding.

"The value of a hundred students who know about us and who let their friends know, is ten times more valuable than us buying up every billboard in that particular city or college market."

Students seem to think the idea of Bookstoop is something that any campus could benefit from, says McNeese Grad student Dorsey Olbrich.

"I think the need they've tapped into is one that everyone experiences all over not just at McNeese."

And Ben might just be onto something for making it easier on students to buy and sell textbooks.

"It's just, click, list. It's much simpler"

And here's a link to Bookstoop's website:

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