Barefoot Runner

barefoot runner

Joseph Michael Liu. You can call him the "barefoot Runner." Starting in Montreal, Canada, Liu plans to run solo to the very bottom top of South America.

"So I've been 5 months on the road. I'm running barefoot because this is been already done wearing shoes, but not without them. It's just doing things to push yourself to the limits and become a better person. One of my biggest inspirations is an Italian Mountaineer. He has climbed the 14 highest mountains in the world."-Liu

But Liu says this run isn't just to set a new record, it's to fund education programs in each country he passes through.

"I think that's the most grateful thing, that what you're doing is not just good for you, but it's good for other people. I didn't even know, when I started doing my run, I didn't know how inspiring it would be for people."

Liu will spend two nights in Lake Charles after a minor foot injury and is expected to arrive in La Tierra de Fuego in 2.5 years.