Turkey lives to see another Thanksgiving

By Huffington Post Staff

For once, a turkey has something to be thankful for on Thanksgiving.

"Alice," a wild turkey from the woods of Maine, was hit by a truck late last month. Luckily for Alice, a kind soul named Meg Lord happened to be driving by, and stopped to help the hapless bird, WCSH 6 reported.

Lord, of East Parsonfield, wrapped the turkey in a blanket and brought her to theYork Center For Wildlife, an animal rehabilitation center in Cape Neddick. The staff was able to nurse the bird back to health, and Alice will likely be released back into the wild when her broken wing heals in a few weeks, according to the Bangor Daily News.

The turkey savior told the paper she wants to use Thanksgiving as an opportunity to tell her story and encourage people to make donations to the Center for Wildlife.

"Not only do they care for the wildlife," Lord writes on her landscaping blog, "they are a tremendous resource of information if you ever find an injured animal. … They also do outreach educational programs and on select days are open to the public."

The experience of rescuing Alice has made Lord, a former vegetarian, rethink her dining choices this year.

"I am not eating turkey at Thanksgiving this year…surprised?" she states on her blog.

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