'Happy Thanksgivukkah!' Locals celebrate rare holiday

(Source: MGN Online)
(Source: MGN Online)

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - "It's a turkey that has places for the Hanukkah candles in it," said Judy Ginsburgh.

It's called a Menurkey, but it's unclear if this turkey/menorah will still be remembered next time it's needed.

"We'll light our Menurkey and then it will go into storage for the next 78,000 years," said Ginsburgh.

This year marks what's being called Thanksgivukkah.

Thanksgivukkah is a mash up between Thanksgiving and Hanukkah.

"I think it's really cool, because it's not going to happen again in any of our lifetimes," said Ginsburgh.

This holiday is rare, because Hanukkah will not fall on Thanksgiving again for more than 75,000 years.

"It's fun and it's chaotic, because we just had Thanksgiving and on the hills of that here we are with Hanukkah," said Sandy Desadier.

This year is only the 2nd time the holidays have aligned. The first was in 1888.

While it might be overwhelming for some and exciting for others, local members of the Jewish faith said even with a double dose of holiday, Hanukkah is not overshadowed.

"Since Hanukkah lasts for eight days, Hanukkah will keep on going, we've got five more days to go," said Desadier.

And the Menurkey's next fifteen minutes of fame will be lifetimes away.

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