Man rings bells for Lake Charles Salvation Army day after 97th birthday

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The sound of bells ringing is the sound of the holidays and for Stanley Crist of Minneapolis, it was his way of giving back.

"I'm trying to be helpful to others," said Stanley. "It makes me feel good."

Stanley came to visit his daughter in Lake Charles for Thanksgiving and that wasn't the only thing he celebrated; he turned 97-years-old on the same day.

"It's one I long will remember," said Stanley.

Rather than being at home, Stanley bundled up and decided to give back and help the Lake Charles Salvation Army by becoming a bell ringer for the day.

"I think they find joy in helping others," said Stanley.

Stanley rang bells at the Walmart on Nelson Rd. and got lots of praise from local shoppers. He even shocked one of his fellow much younger bell ringers like Jana Noel, who was ringing bells with her grandfather.

"All ages should give back," said Noel. "Not just the old and not just the young. I think it's good that someone of that age is actually contributing."

Though the day after Thanksgiving is known for big time shopping, for the families ringing bells, it was a time to give back.

As for Stanley, he was joined by his daughter and his son-in-law Joseph Richardson, who coincidentally was celebrating his birthday and says ringing bells beats anything else.

"It's nice doing something for people," said Richardson. "Particularly the Salvation Army, which does so much for everybody around so, it's fun."

Though Stanley may have presents and cake at home, he says he wouldn't rather be anywhere else.

"Seeing people, when they put money in there," said Stanley. "They seem to be full of joy when they're doing it and getting to meet people and wishing them a Merry Christmas."

The family that rings together, stays together.

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