Hometown Patriot - Roy Billodeau

Hometown Patriot - Roy Billodeau

Lake Charles native Roy Billodeau used his time off from the U.S. Naval Academy to speak with Boy Scouts and Sea Cadets about his life as a 3rd Class Midshipman.  The Eagle Scout spoke earlier this week to Scouts at their Winter Camp at Camp Edgewood, near DeQuincy.

"A lot of people really don't know what the academy is and what it has to offer to them, as well as the opportunities that can come through the academy in your career and how it sets you up for years to come," said Billodeau.

Roy is a sophomore in the academy and will soon start taking flying lessons.  He says the academy gives him the opportunity to do that and become an engineer.

"I'd always had a dream of becoming a pilot.  So to have that opportunity, which is a few years down the road, but also to get one of the top 5 educations as far as engineering goes in the nation, it's just a great opportunity for me."

He's encouraging the young Scouts and Cadets to set goals and make their dreams come true.

"I had great mentors growing up.  I don't have to be one of their mentors, but I just want to give them that thought in the back of their head that they can do something bigger than themselves.  Something that they could never imagine that they could do, which is to me, this.  To be a Naval Academy Midshipman, and in a few years graduate and be leading sailors and/or Marines."

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