'Morning Call Program' provides peace of mind for seniors, homebound in Welsh

WELSH, LA (KPLC) - The Welsh Police Department is reaching out to seniors in their community.

Their newly launched "Morning Call Program" gives them an opportunity to check-in with seniors on a daily basis.

Although there are various names for essentially the same program, many police departments throughout the country are doing this very same thing.

Falls are one of the most common causes of injury among senior citizens. This program gives seniors and family members a little peace of mind – knowing the Welsh P.D. will be at your door if you don't answer the phone.

Every morning between seven and nine, dispatchers at the Welsh Police Department make calls to seniors – just to make sure everything's alright.

"It's geared towards senior citizens who are mostly homebound, disabled, elderly, have little or no family in the area," explained Assistant Police Chief, Robert Lane.

Lane says their "Morning Call Program" ensures seniors, or those homebound, are safe.

"If they don't answer the phone, we'll call once or twice more. And if they still don't answer the phone we're going to the house and make sure they're okay. They might've fallen," said Lane.

Lane says he initiated the program at another station he worked at and because it did so well, he pitched the idea here.

"I decided to ahead and get with the Chief and explain it to him and he was all for it. So we're going to try it here and I'm sure it's going to do good," said Lane.

But the program helps in other ways; it also informs seniors of scams.

"It's just another way we can let them know," said Lane.

Any seniors interested in being part of the "Morning Call Program" can pick up an application at the Welsh Police Department.

"And if they don't have a ride, they can call us and we'll be more than happy to run it over to them, and pick it up and even help them fill it out if they'd like," said Lane.

The application is short – only asking for contact information, if you drive, who to contact for an emergency, and if you'd like the Welsh P.D. to call on you daily.

Lane says, "It's just a way the police department is giving back to the senior citizens of Welsh."

Lane encourages seniors, those who live alone, or those homebound, to take advantage of the free program.

Applications are available at the Welsh Police Department or you can call 734-2626 to request one.

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