City of LC to discuss putting sales tax renewals on May ballot

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - May might be six months away, but the City of Lake Charles says now is the time to consider putting something on the ballot.

City officials want to put two sales tax renewals up for vote in May. One is a 25-year one cent sale tax renewal that will generate about $21 million. It expires in February 2015.

The other is a 10-year quarter sales tax renewal that will bring in a little over $5.3 million. It expires in March 2015.

Both items help the city cover employee contributions and benefits. They say in order to get it before voters in May -- by law they have to get the process started in November.

"It's a process and the purpose of the process is to make sure that there is adequate public notice and adequate public opportunity to discuss any tax -- whether it is a tax renewal or a tax proposal. If we get it on in May and it doesn't pass, we still have enough time to get it on a second time for another chance before it expires," explained Lake Charles Mayor Randy Roach.

The Lake Charles City Council will decide next week whether to adopt a resolution for a special meeting on Jan. 7 to call for the May election.

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