Dealership dilemma for DeRidder man

Dealership dilemma for DeRidder man

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - A DeRidder man is confused and frustrated. He's trying to pay off his car, but right now has no where to send the payments and no car title.

Kevin Anderson purchased his vehicle from James Bertrand's Highway 27 dealership last year - the same James Bertrand behind the "Just for Jesus" rallies and who's been arrested numerous times on drug charges in the last year.

Now, the dealership is closed and the bank won't take Anderson's payments. It leaves Anderson in a bind – not knowing who to pay or how to get his title.

Last year, Kevin Anderson purchased his used Dodge Neon from Highway 27 Motors in Sulphur.

He says he's been making monthly payments to First National Bank of Louisiana, that is, until the bank returned his last payment.

"They sent my money back and told me I need to send it to a P.O. Box at Highway 27," said Anderson, who's confused by the bank's letter because the dealership is closed.

He continued, "I just didn't feel like that was right because I could be sending my money to anybody."

The bank's letter did include a phone number for the dealership's owner, James Bertrand, but that number isn't in service.

"I could not reach him through phone. I tried sending an email, none of it works," said Anderson.

But there's another problem. Anderson doesn't have the vehicle's title. He says he was told he'd receive it as soon as he paid off the vehicle.

"The car was supposed to be paid off in October but I got a little behind because I didn't know where to send the money to. So, now it's going to be paid off in November. But as you can see November is almost up. And I still haven't made the last two payments because I don't know where to send the money to," said Anderson.

Anderson says since the dealership closed, Bertrand hasn't contacted him.

By law, the dealer is supposed to get you the Certificate of Title within 20 days. And if you have a lien, only the lien holder, in this case Bertrand, can obtain that title.

Because the dealership is closed and Anderson can't get in touch with Bertrand, KPLC reached out to the Department of Motor Vehicles to see if there was another way Anderson could obtain the title. However, the DMV told KPLC they didn't want to comment on this particular situation.

They did, however, tell us to have Anderson contact them directly.

But it still leaves Anderson feeling, "frustrated, because I'm down to the last two payments and I want to get a truck."

But because he doesn't have the title, he can't sell or trade-in his current vehicle.

We're waiting to see if the DMV is able to help Anderson. In the meantime, if you've purchased a vehicle from James Bertrand and are also waiting to obtain your title, we'd like to hear from you.

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