Study shows today's children aren't as fit as previous generations

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Dr. Yoko Broussard
Dr. Yoko Broussard

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - A new study shows that kids today are less fit than their parents were as children. That may have something to do with the amount of time kids spend indoors or in front of a screen.

"Our kids, this generation, are spending more time ... watching television. They're spending a lot of time even doing homework on their computers, or they're playing computer games," said Dr. Yoko Broussard.

According to one study, it takes children today about 90 seconds longer on average to run a mile, as opposed to children 30 years ago.

That study collected running and fitness information from 25 million children ages 9-17 across 28 countries.

"Gone are the days when the kids would walk home from school, ... or they went home an as soon as they could, (and) after their homework, they went outside and played," Broussard said.

Even if children today tend to spend more time inside, some of them still find the time to stay active. One example is Luke Beaugh, who plays baseball.

"I like it, because you get to run a lot, and you get a lot of exercise," Beaugh said.

Broussard said that kids are a product of their environment, so if you want your kids to exercise, you need to exercise too.

"If the family all wants to get together and work out, a lot of the Lake Area fitness centers now have family-oriented physical activities they can participate in," Broussard said.

Personal trainer Del Prudhomme thinks that even if kids have to be inside, they can still get their recommended 60 minutes of exercise a day.

"If you have to be inside on a day like this, when the weather's bad, play an 'excer-game': Wii-fit or Zumba or Dance Revolution. All these consoles make games that are designed to get people up and get them active, get them moving," Prudhomme said.

So, even if children today tend to stay indoors, that doesn't mean they can't be fit.

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