McNeese Coach Viator on previous Playoff losses


The McNeese Cowboys will make their league-record 15th appearance in the playoffs, and first since 2009.

Cowboys will play the winner of the Samford-Jacksonville state game at 6pm on December 7 in Cowboy Stadium. It will also be broadcast on ESPN3.

McNeese is 11-14 in play off games. The last being a 49-13 loss to New Hampshire in the 1st round of 2009, but Coach Viator emphasizes that that baggage has nothing to do with this years team.

"We were top seed and lost to, who was that, Eastern Washington. But the New Hampshire deal was kind of a different deal too I remember, but each years different and we try to approach it that way and like I said, I will, other than having to talk during a press conference, I wont even mention it to the players, I mean they had nothing to do with any of this and that was more of my deal than anything else. But I mean there's nothing even remotely similar about this team or any of those teams or any of the situations or anything. I mean, it's all irrelevant."