McNeese goes to the FCS Playoffs, players talk about Bye Week

Many things came from the 42-38 victory over Lamar.

McNeese get's rivalry bragging rights, as well as a night that set records.

QB Cody Stroud has completed 27 touchdown passes on the season, tying a school single-season record set by Kerry Joseph in 1995. It was also his 17th consecutive game with a TD pass. And to add to the great weekend,  the Cowboys will finally get some time to rest. With that victory, McNeese remains in the top 8 of the 2014 NCAA Division I Football Championship Playoffs, which means they will get a bye-week this Saturday.

Pokes will begin looking at video of Samford and Jacksonville State as they prepare to face off the winner of that match up in Cowboy Stadium on December 7th. But in the mean time, players say they are most looking forward to getting rest, having more time to heal, and of course, to eat a big Thanksgiving lunch.

"I see McNeese number 6, mom's turkey I'm going to get it.." - Marcus Wiltz

"If we had to play this week, we'd be ready. We're going to be ready for next week, we gotta have a good two weeks of preparation. We have the senior leadership I think to stay mentally focused and prepare we.." -Cody Stroud

"I mean just having that bye time to just be able to heal and two weeks to rest up is real important." -Guy Morgan (Hurt during game against Lamar)

"I mean everybody gets a chance to take some off time and just rest for a little while and heal up and I think that's great and it will give us a chance to come back focused, re-focused for the playoffs which we need to be." - Terence Cahee