Local Catholics take part in procession to honor Christ the King

Hundreds of Catholics from Southwest Louisiana took to the streets Sunday for a procession in honor of Christ the King – a feast day celebrated around the world.

This year, it was a day made even more meaningful in this Year of Faith, as proclaimed by Pope Benedict and continued by Pope Francis.

Bishop Glen John Provost led the walk and said Sunday was dedicated to showcasing faith.

"We thought we'd have a real big celebration to end the Year of Faith," said Bishop Provost. "To celebrate our faith, make a public demonstration of it, and also renew our devotion to Christ and Jesus in our lives."

The procession was a way for local Catholics to make a public statement of their faith as they moved through the streets of downtown Lake Charles.

Bishop Provost started the walk at St. Louis Catholic High School to the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception where participants gathered for prayer.

"It was a wonderful public demonstration of the faith," said Bishop Provost. "It's something that we don't get a chance to do. Pope Benedict and Pope Francis said there is no such thing as private faith. Faith is meant to be witnessed, too."

The Bishop said the Year of Faith was meant in part to help Catholics throughout the world rediscover and share their faith with others.

"Christ present to us in the sacrament of the church," said Bishop Provost. "This to me was a wonderful expression of faith. All these people devoutly believing the same thing. Unified the belief and practice and devotion to me this is very heartwarming."

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