Students assist in online broadcast of Barbe/Hahnville game

Students assist in online broadcast of Barbe/Hahnville game

There may have been tension on the football field Friday night but the broadcast students from Barbe and Hahnville High Schools set their differences aside. There was a show to run.

The advanced broadcasting class teacher at the Satellite Center in St. Charles Parish, Albert DuPont, said the students worked just like they would in the real world.

"We produce a game just like you see on TV," said DuPont. "Like a miniature version of ESPN or FOX. It's all the students doing it."

Students from both high schools who attend broadcasting classes at LCB Academy and the Satellite Center got a chance to put their skills to work.

Working together, they broadcast the entire playoff game online as well as directed a live sports show on the scene. They did everything from direct camera shots to announcing the plays.

Barbe junior, Kyle Breaux, said he was a bit nervous at first but he's glad he got to experience it.

"Aside from my TV production class," said Breaux. "I hadn't really found people with the same interests as I do, so I was super excited about that."

The experience also gave the future broadcasters a glimpse at what their future careers may look like.

"When I get older, I really want to be a journalist," said Sophia Landry, a junior at Barbe. "I feel like this really helped prepare me. I could go into sports after this, I'm not too sure. I can go into entertainment, government or, you know, just news reporting in general. This is fun."

DuPont said hands-on experience in the field is what matters the most.

"This is the stuff they will be working on out in the field," said DuPont. "The same switcher, the same re-play system, the same cameras. It's real stuff that you go out in the industry and work."

Though it was a lot of work, the students said otherwise.

"I can't wait to do it again," said Breaux.

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