Calcasieu school hosts parent seminar on Common Core

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - S.J. Welsh Middle School is putting the rumors to rest about Common Core.

"I've heard a lot of different things on the news and just parents talking," said S.J. Welsh Parent, Lesa Popiel.

The school hosted a parent seminar.

The seminar was not about right or wrong, but simply the facts about the standards.

"We appreciate that there are strong opinions on whether or not Common Core is a good thing or bad thing and so we're respectful of those opinions," said S.J. Welsh Assistant Principal, Keith Leger. "We simply wanted to provide information and facts."

The seminar let parents experience what an English and Math Common Core lesson looks like for their child.

"We really wanted our parents to see what their kids are doing in school and what it's like in the classroom every day," said Teacher Jennifer Hugs.

"What I like and what I've seen so far is that they are doing real world problems that they would actually use in life," said Popiel.

And whether or not parents left feeling more confident in the standards, school officials said they just want their parents to know the facts.

"If they're in conversation with parents outside and there's misinformation, maybe our parents can be informed and have an informed conversation about it," said Leger.

Parents also got the chance to write any questions they might have about Common Core on note cards.

School officials will then send out an email listing the questions with the answers.

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