When is a chicken just a chicken?

EVANGELINE PARISH, LA (KPLC) - When is a chicken just a chicken?

Are roosters chickens?

The Evangeline Parish Police Jury actually asked the state Attorney General's Office to answer this question.

There are some who believe uncertainty over the fighting rooster's scientific name might invalidate the 2008 state ban on cockfighting.

You see, folks there wanted to know whether roosters pitted against each other in cockfights fit the legal definition of "chicken."

The ban involves any fowl which is of the species Gallus gallus.

A group of residents in Evangeline Parish had asked the Police Jury to license a cockfighting operation - and so began the quest to know whether the little fighters fit the bill when it comes to the ban.

Well, the state's experts say a chicken is a chicken, even if it's a rooster.

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