Louisiana Education Chief proposes Common Core slowdown

Louisiana Education Chief proposes Common Core slowdown
(Source: MGN Online)
(Source: MGN Online)

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - You've heard all the protests and criticism of Common Core. Apparently so has Louisiana's education chief. He's now calling for changes to the new education standards.

Common Core Standards are a tougher set of grade-level benchmarks adopted by most states for what students should learn in English, Reading and Math.

The State's Education Superintendent, John White, traveled throughout Louisiana to get a feel for how schools are acclimating to those standards.

As of Thursday, he's now all for slowing things down, but is it enough to calm the many concerns out there?

While teachers, parents and even various school board members, continue to voice concerns or flat out disapproval over Common Core standards, Louisiana's Education Superintendent, John White, appears to be reconsidering some of the main cornerstones of Common Core.

On Thursday, White outlined recommendations on the roll-out of the statewide shift to Common standards.

He's now proposing a 10-year phase-in.

While the recommendation is in line with the Calcasieu Parish School Board's Nov. 12 meeting, where the board voted to slow down Common Core implementation, officials are still mulling over the details.

Superintendent Wayne Savoy said he prefers to wait until the policies are actually voted on by BESE next month before speaking on the topic.

BESE, the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education, adopted the standards in 2010; however, in December, White will bring his latest proposal to the board for consideration.

But some are already speaking out against those recommendations.

Rep. Brett Geymann, R-Moss Bluff, said, "Additional time is not solving the problem, it's just delaying the immediate crisis that we're in right now of it's coming so fast and so hard that all the schools and all the regions are not ready."

He continued, "it's not solving any of the problems and fears that are out there that are among the parents and teachers."

Geymann said he and other colleagues are still looking into possible legislation to address solutions.

The LAE, or Louisiana Association of Educators President, Deborah Meaux, agrees that additional time is needed, however she said, "There needs to be some extra attention given to the idea of holding off on the letter grades for the schools, the school districts, and also the understanding of what an SLT is, and how it's suppose to be written, who's suppose to be writing it, how it's suppose to be applied, and so forth is better understood."

According to White, the phase-in through 2025 is designed to lessen increasing criticism of the state's use of Common Core by lawmakers, parents and teacher unions.

For now, it is still a proposal.

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