Local knife business posts surveillance video on Facebook to help locate thief

(Source: Smith & Sons Facebook)
(Source: Smith & Sons Facebook)

SULPHUR, LA (KPLC) - It was a typical Tuesday at Smith & Son's knife shop in Sulphur. Owner Pam Smith was just helping another customer.

"After I waited on him," said Smith. "I went back to put the knife up, I knew I had left one out and it wasn't there."

It was someone no retailer wants to see; a shoplifter. Pam said she was helping two men near the store's counter when one of them took a knife box and slipped it in his pocket while she looked away.

"I know I left that knife there, I just knew," said Smith. "So, I went back and looked, pulled the video up and there he was."

The video was from a surveillance camera inside the store. In the video, you see the man wearing a gray shirt taking the knife box from the counter, turning around discretely and then putting it in his pocket.

Smith said she called Sulphur police who sent a detective to investigate. While police checked the scene, she came up with an idea.

"Just in the course of the conversation," said Smith. "I just mentioned to the officer that I'm halfway tempted to put it on Facebook. He said I was within my rights to do that. He said in fact, social media really helps us a lot."

It not only helps police but Facebook has helped small businesses as well. Smith says she heard other local businesses that have also been shoplifted have been known to post their surveillance videos on Facebook to get locals to help with the investigation. She uses the social networking site to help sell her knives and now, to help stop shoplifting.

Though she's never used Facebook to try to find a thief before, Smith said Sulphur locals were a lot of help.

"The community really rallied around us," said Smith. "They really did support us and give us some help."

Sulphur police says the investigation is still ongoing and no arrests have been made.

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