SWLA preps for the holiday season!


Gerron Jordan filling in for Agnes DeRouen today at on 7News at Noon, here's what we're working on this afternoon.

Now that the man accused of shooting and killing a local pastor has been indicted for manslaughter and not murder, his attorneys want to get his bond lowered.  We'll have details on when Woodrow Karey, Jr's next bond hearing will be.

You can now purchase revenue bonds from the Port of Lake Charles.  More than $40 million worth of revenue bonds hit the market this morning.  We'll tell you what Port officials hope to use the money for.

Then there were two! Two hopefuls are still holding onto doorknobs outside of Suffolk Manor apartments in Lake Charles more than 24 hours after beginning the contest to win a free apartment for one year.  We'll have an update.

The holiday season is upon us!  The SWLA Convention and Visitors Bureau held a press conference to announce the regions holiday plans.  Hear what southwest Louisiana has in store to celebrate this joyous time of year.

It's been a breezy morning, 7Stormteam Meteorologist Ben Terry will have a complete look at today's forecast and any changes we may see over the next few days.

These stories and much more are headed your way on 7News at Noon.  We hope you join us!