Hometown Patriot - Harley Morgan

Harley James Morgan enlisted in the Vietnam War. He wasn't drafted. In fact, he was in the war-torn country as the battle escalated in the mid 1960s. Morgan was an Army paratrooper, sniper and gun-runner on a helicopter. His wife, Marilyn, and daughter, Lena, both told me that he rarely talked about what he went through.

"He would start and then he'd kind of freeze up on it," said Marilyn. "He would tell me stories and then it would get the best of him and he'd just have to stop. Like I said he'd have nightmares and I'd just wake up at night and hold him and tell him everything would be all right. It's okay now."

Morgan was wounded twice and received the Purple Heart.

"He was special," said Lena. "He was a special man. It takes a lot. Some of the things I've heard he's done takes a lot. To live with himself afterwards."

Both Marilyn and Lena have just returned from a special Veterans Day ceremony in Washington DC, honoring Harley Morgan and others. Lena says it provided some closure for the family. Harley died of liver cancer this past March.

"He'd do anything for anybody," said Lena. "He'd give you the shirt off his back. He'd take in strangers. Anybody he knew that was hungry, he wouldn't let them go hungry. He was a wonderful man. He was very special to us."

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