Faster fitness results with high intensity interval training

Faster fitness results with high intensity interval training

One of the biggest discouragements in working out is when you just do not see any results.  Find out how high intensity interval training can push you past a fitness plateau.

Run of the mill workouts can leave you with run of the mill results.  CHRISTUS Louisiana Athletic Club fitness manager Ellen Papania says, "It's important to cross-train to do different types of training, different types of exercises to keep your muscles confused."

Papania says to keep muscles challenged, you have to incorporate short bursts of intense exercise, with short recovery breaks in between.  "Bringing your body at max potential. It's really bringing your body up to a high intensity level," she said.

That can mean adding jumps into weight training, plates into core workouts and pushing yourself in cardio.  "Sprinting for 100 yards and jogging for the other 100, sprinting again by bringing it up that way," said Papania.

Here is the the science behind a high intensity interval training workout or HIIT: it is harder on your body during those bursts, meaning more calories burned once your body is resting again.

Even 30 minutes of a HIIT versus one hour of traditional treadmill or weight-lifting work can make a big difference.  "You burn more fat, you increase your strength and stamina and you do that all in a shorter amount of time," said Papania.

High intensity interval training will give you the best results if it is done three times a week and you are still moving on the other days.

CHRISTUS Louisiana Athletic Club Lake Charles is launching a new training program called "GRIT" in January that will focus on high intensity interval training workouts and personal training. Call them at 337-474-6601 to learn more.

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