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McNeese vs. Lamar Preview

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It's the Cowboys and the Cardinals. The final game of the regular season, which means... Rivalry.

"We know we're going to get their A game, cause we always do. We gotta come out, and have a really good game, cause those guys are capable of beating us at any given moment." - Cody Stroud


"We've definitely established who is going to own the rivalry, so I think we're gonna continue that trend." -Chris Loveless

And Beaumont, TX, being only 57 miles away, you can call it... The Battle of the border.

"Most of the athletes that are from there, come here..from the Beaumont area, they come to McMeese. And they say we steal some of their athletes." -Marcus Wiltz

"Me being from Houston, I know a lot of those players on the team. Like you said, it's a rivalry, so I want to be the one to come out on top of those guys." -Kevin Dorn

But there's more to it than beating your rival. This game also determines where McNeese gets placed in the playoffs.

"They're a good opponent, we know that. and in order to have a good run in the playoffs, we know this is the start of that week. We got to focus on this week only." -Cody Stroud

"Throughout this week, we're not going to focus on who we might be playing for the playoffs, or if we get a bye. We gotta focus on Lamar this week, and get a win." -Marcus Wiltz

And with Lamar's impressive offense, particularly their wide receiver and running back, it's up to the defense to pull out all the stops.

"What we need to do on the line is create some pressure on the QB and try to help our DB's back there. If we can do that and create some pressure, we'll get some interceptions and probably hold the stats down." -Chris Loveless

"Making sure the D'Line knows the importance of rushing the passer so he can't complete as many balls, can't throw it as well, so their receiver will have problems catching it and going out for routes." -Kevin Dorn

Kickoff is set for 6PM this Saturday.

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