Deadline nears for Sasol's Voluntary Property Purchase Program

(Source: Sasol)
(Source: Sasol)

WESTLAKE, LA (KPLC) - The deadline to register for Sasol's Voluntary Property Purchase Program is Dec. 4.

Renters and property owners who are eligible may sign up at the information center, located at 3301 Old Spanish Trail in Westlake.

Those who are interested should contact the center at 337-310-8200 before the deadline. Applicants must fill out the appropriate forms at the information center.

Enrolling in the program authorizes Sasol to appraise and survey property and perform a title search through a local law firm. Enrolling in the program does not mean that applicants are required to sell their property.

"I would encourage everyone owning property in the program area to meet with the program counselors to gather good information so they can make the best decision for themselves and their family," said Mike Hayes, manager of public affairs for Sasol U.S. Mega Projects.

"While most eligible residents have chosen to register for the program, others have not. Sasol respects this choice and understands involvement in the program is a personal decision. Sasol will continue to work with our neighbors and be a good, responsible corporate citizen in southwest Louisiana," Hayes said.

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