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DRY CREEK, LA (KPLC) - The CM Farms corn maze near Dry Creek has been busy this Fall, hosting school groups and families. Visitors can choose not only to navigate the corn maze, but enjoy other activities.  New this year is an old house that was rescued from property near Grant. It has its origins from the 1870s and was built by a Civil War soldier.

"ACR Turner, Senior was standing within 10 feet of General Lee when he surrendered in the Civil War," said Jackie Melsheimer, a descendent of Turner. "He came home and married and started his house. That is where we all originated."

The original house had a front and side porch. ACR and Jane Turner decided to have their portrait taken at that spot. In fact, it's the only photograph they have of the original house.

"Whenever we restored everything, we used all the lumber from the horse barn behind the house.  So we have the stairs that were leading up to the loft of the horse barn along with some feed troughs that were just hewn out logs."

Close by are also relics from a time gone by.

"The corn crib that was out there was my great great grandpa's that was at the place where I grew up. We also have an old buggy that is also the same generation as the house and the bedroom suit."

Next year, the Melsheimers will be inviting area ranches and farms to add their brand to their collection on the wall.

For more information on CM Farms, go to http://cmfarmsllc.com

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