Three facing attempted murder charges in Sunday incident at convenience store

Three facing attempted murder charges in Sunday incident at convenience store

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Three people are facing attempted second-degree murder charges in a Sunday incident at a Broad Street convenience store.

According to Deputy Chief Mark Kraus, it happened around 6:58 p.m. at More for Less.

Kraus said when officers arrived, they found one man on the ground unconscious and another man shot. Kraus said a third subject was bleeding from being cut with a machete.

Kraus said the investigation revealed that 19-year-old Matthew Taylor Simien entered the store and stole items. As Simien left the business, Kraus said both the store's manager, Amirik Thind, and a clerk, Dilrajpal Singh, chased after Simien. Once outside, Kraus said the employees confronted Simien and 19-year-old Quincy Paul Landry.

"A fight ensued between the four men, resulting in one man being beaten unconscious with a wooden stick, two men cut with a machete and a third subject being shot," Kraus said.

Kraus said Landry pointed a firearm at Thind and Singh as they beat Simien with their fists. Dilrajpal armed himself with a large wooden stick, striking Landry in the head, causing him to lose consciousness, Kraus said.

"Simien then struck Dilrajpal and Thind with a machete while Thind was using the wooden stick to strike Landry who was on the ground unconscious and defenseless. Simien picked up Landry's firearm and shot Thind who continued to strike and beat Landry while he remained unconscious," Kraus said.

Kraus said three of the four men required emergency medical treatment from local hospitals. Two of the three subjects were treated for minor injuries and released. Kraus said Landry, who was found unconscious on the ground when officers arrived, is still hospitalized in a local intensive care unit.

Kraus said Thind, 39, and Singh, 24, both of Sulphur, were booked on one count of attempted second-degree murder each while Simien, of Lake Charles, was booked on charges of theft of goods and attempted second-degree murder.

All three were booked into the Calcasieu Correctional Center. Simien's bond was set at $451,000. Bonds for Thind and Singh were set at $300,000 each.

Kraus said the case remains under investigation.

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