November marks Adoption Awareness Month

Adoption awareness month

November is National Adoption Awareness Month and has been since 1995.

During the month, people are encouraged to get involved in both foster care and the adoption process to help youth across the country.

National Adoption Month spotlights a huge need in Louisiana. The need for children to find permanent homes.

Suzy Sonnier, of the Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services, explains how Louisiana families have played a part in adoption in the last year.

"506 families chose to make that commitment and what we want to do is spread the word. There still are over 500 children in Louisiana waiting to be adopted, 300 - more than 300 hundred of those are still waiting for a family to choose them and to work with them and love them forever," she said.

Sonnier urges everyone to get involved, because there's always a need for more good homes.

"We have about 4,000 children in foster care and we have just over 2,000 foster parents, so certainly we're always looking for more parents. just in the Lake Charles region we had about 700 - a little over 750 kids in foster care this year," she said.

One family that stepped up in the Lake Area is Earl and D'nita Bradshaw who adopted their nephew Tyler who's better known as "Brick".

"Well, our situation was little bit different we had a family member that was in need. we got brick I think when he was probably a month or two old and we thought we were just gonna help out for a while and it kind of lead into the adoption," D'nita said.

Although the adoption process seemed difficult at times the Bradshaws are happy with how it turned out.

"It was difficult, but it was a good difficult. They want to make sure the home is suited. You go through quite a bit - quite a few things. So, it was a little painful, but it was a good painful ... I was real happy with how it all worked out," D'nita said.

It's definitely worked out as Brick has found a loving home.

"I never have a dull moment anymore and he's always fun to play with and he always wants to go outside, so it's a workout for me, but I absolutely love it. It's a lot of fun."

For many, adoption can be the beginning of great storybook ending.

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