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Friend Ships seeks shipper for Philippines relief

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Here at Port Mercy, in Lake Charles, volunteers from Friend Ships have accumulated roll after roll of vinyl tarp. It's material that they've used for many purposes in disaster stricken areas here and around the world.

Friend Ship's Teri Shields said they've even used it to make houses.

"It can be used for a variety of things. We've built houses out of it in Haiti. It's to cover roofs, make shelters, we do everything with it. It's invaluable. We really think it would be an asset to the people of the Philippines even for temporary shelter or to repair their roofs," said Shields

But to get the tarp material to those who desperately need it, they need to find shippers who will provide containers and get it there.

"We are trying to procure two 40 foot containers, one to fill with the vinyl that you see here and  and another to fill with blankets. It would be a shipping company, this is what they do, they deliver containers, people will purchase a container and fill it and then ship it abroad," said Shields.

Friend Ships would love to get this shipped to the Philippines any day. As well, there are other things people who are not shippers can do. 

"If we get items we will do everything within our power to obtain containers to send items. So, I don't know that anything is premature. They are begging for help, they are hurting.  We want to do whatever we can to assist them," said Shields.

She said diapers, formula, non perishable foods, cleaning products are among the most useful items as well as for personal hygiene. "Toilet paper, shampoo. Any kind of personal care is always very much needed. Tooth brush, tooth paste."

As well, they pray.

"We just want to do something and right now the entire crew has been in prayer for the Philippines and the people of the Philippines and wherever the Lord leads, we want to do something," said Shields.

To help Friend Ships or get more information, call 337-433-5022.

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