CITGO presents teacher with $1K grant to help with classroom

CITGO presents teacher with $1K grant to help with classroom

A local company is doing its part to help children in the classroom.

Representatives from the CITGO Refinery on Wednesday presented $1,000 worth of classroom supplies to a teacher at Pearl Watson Elementary in Lake Charles.

Lisa Moore was one of 108 educators from across the CITGO marketing area to receive the grants.

"It was very exciting when I saw the email that I won. I never expected that I would win. Some of the resources that we use, are kind of limited. We needed more of like, manipulatives, we needed headphones, ipads of the laptops, I ordered them some little name tags, with their names on it. We have some folders, a lot of games for them to like when we go into our centers. That's real big because they can actually teach each other. But I didn't realize that a thousand dollars could add up to all this stuff," Moore said.

CITGO's grant program creates customized school supply lists to address the specific needs of their students and classrooms.

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