'Roller coaster ride' of temperatures expected for SWLA

(Source: NOAA)
(Source: NOAA)
(Source: NOAA)
(Source: NOAA)

Get ready for a roller coaster ride in temperatures across Southwest Louisiana.

The pattern on Wednesday flipped to colder weather.

Temperatures on Wednesday morning started out in the 30s with wind chills in the 20s. Freezing temperatures are likely across the area as we approach Thursday morning.

But for those in Southwest Louisiana who can't appreciate the cold weather, I've got some good news and some bad news!

First, the good news. Take a look at the first image I've provided. The high pressure that has brought the South the very cold numbers will be shifting east this weekend.

The clock-wise flow around high pressure will shift our wind direction from out of the north to coming from the south. We call this a return flow.

This means temperatures will soar into the upper 70s to near 80 as warmer weather surges north from the Gulf. This warm air mass returns ahead of a new storm system approaching the area for the start of the new week.

The storm system that arrives Monday will feature a round of showers and storms. Thanks to the warm air mass ahead of the system, we will have to keep an eye on any potential for strong storms.

Following the storm system, more changes arrive. The bad news is that models are indicating an even colder air mass than the one we are currently experiencing could follow this system. Temperatures by next Wednesday morning could be down well into the 20s along the coast instead of just wind chills. Yikes!

Just a reminder we have over a month before winter actually arrives!

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