Lake Area residents celebrate unique birthdays on 11-12-13

Unique birthdays for lake area residents

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The date 11-12-13 and other numerically aligned days usually only happen once in a lifetime. For Nichole Daigle's newborn baby Kenzie, it just happens to be the day she was born.

"I didn't realize the date really until the nurse put it up there, so it's just interesting she got a unique little birthday and so does her older sister," Daigle said.

While Kenzie wasn't due on this unique day, many parents try to schedule their child's birthday to land on these special days as nurse Cheryl McCombs explains.

"We have lots of inductions that are scheduled. So, people look forward to the days that are coming up that are unique days and they always want to be planned on those days to have those special birthdays for their kids," McCombs said.

But it still proves to be a special day for many parents even for those who don't aim for these special days.

"Sometimes they don't even realize it until we point it out or someone else points it out and they just think it's the funnest thing that they now have this extra special story to tell their kids," McCombs said.

Eighth grader Ryan Byrne might have the most unique birthday, because on 11-12-13, Ryan turned 14.

And his teachers had special way of saying Happy Birthday.

"They thought it was pretty cool, you know, happy birthday, you know, teacher things...just happy birthday, here's work," Byrne said.

Even with the school work, Byrne's math teacher did take notice to the unique date.

" 'Then the teacher said 'oh, it's your birthday? How old are you?' '14.' 'Oh-oh that's interesting 11, 12, 13 and you're turning 14.' 'I was like yeah!'," Byrne recalled.

Everybody has a birthday, but not everyone has such an orderly birthday like 11-12-13.

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