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LSU hits from long-range in season opener, looks to road game with UMASS

(RNN) - LSU destroyed Xavier New Orleans 80-45 in an exhibition game last week. Andre Stringer hit six of 11 three pointers and scored 22 for the game. Freshman forwards Jordan Mickey and Jerrell Martin combined for 23 points. Mickey got six boards and blocked eight shots.

Tigers were deadly from beyond the arc – 13 of 27.

What's gone down: Not much to tell from the rout of an outclassed opponent, but the young Tigers were deadly from 3-point land, hitting 13-of-27. Xavier managed just 17 of 68 from the floor.

What's coming up: The Tigers play at UMass on Weds., Nov. 12 in a 10 a.m. game that will be broadcast on ESPN 2.

Who's getting it done: Stringer was one of four players in double figures against Xavier New Orleans. Jerrell Mickey had 12 points, eight blocks and six boards. Fellow freshman and post player Jarell Martin had 11 points. Malik Morgan had 10.

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