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Area schools honor veterans

South Beauregard South Beauregard
S.J. Welsh S.J. Welsh

With Veterans Day on Monday, another round of events were celebrated at local schools in honor of veterans and active service members.

The cheerleaders cheered and the band played patriotic music at South Beauregard High School on Friday morning.

It began with a breakfast for veterans, followed by a student assembly.

"Today, we're just recognizing our veterans for fighting for our country. We want to be able to support them. You know, we have a bunch of performances by the band and Taps, including the exhibition and drill team and the cheerleaders. We don't get to do this a lot, and then this is like the time of year I feel like we get to recognize them for the work they do, because what they go out and do for battle, is really important and people get killed overseas so we don't get the opportunity to come back, so this is a really great opportunity to recognize them," said Sgt. Maj. Rachel Silas, South Beauregard JROTC.

The JROTC at the school helped put on Friday's program.

At S.J. Welsh Middle School, a program included a salute to veterans who are connected to students and staff at the school.

There was also a dramatic reenactment of the famous image from Iwo Jima.

There was also an essay contest and the winner was eighth grader Mallory Williams.

"Many have died. Many have encountered a loss but all have sacrificed for the safety and freedom of all Americans. If it weren't for our veterans, some of us might not be here today. To all veterans, active military men and women, thank you. Thank you for not compromising. Thank you for giving it your all. Thank you for your sacrifice and most of all, thank you for your service," Williams said.

The students also heard from Cpt. John Robichaux, a med-evac trainer at Fort Polk, and veterans who were able to make the program were each recognized and given a flower for their service.

W.W. Lewis Middle School in Sulphur also honored veterans. There were patriotic displays and music during a student assembly.

You can find a slideshow of area observances HERE.

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