United Way uses high-tech tool to connect with volunteers

United Way uses tool to connect volunteers

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - United Way of Southwest Louisiana has a new high-tech tool to help connect with volunteers.

"Get Connected," an Internet-based program, matches donors, advocates and volunteers in SWLA communities.

Organizers explained how it works during a news conference on Wednesday morning.

"Well, we hope that it's a way that is easy, that it can be reached by a lot of different people. One of the things that we love about the website is the fact that you can filter the results. So, let's say you have an interest in helping children or you like to be outside and do lawn care, well, one of the things is you can actually do a few clicks and you will be able to find what specific non-profits that match up with your passions. We're hoping this will make a huge impact on SWLA as a whole so that people can see that there are ways right here where they live that they can give back," said Melissa Hill, marketing and event coordinator for United Way.

The system will allow users to get notifications of service opportunities. Agencies can post stories and list fundraising events and companies can encourage volunteerism among their employees.

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