Louisiana Traveler - Crawfish artist

HACKBERRY, LA (KPLC) - A Hackberry woman is taking her sense of humor and love of crawfish to turn mud bugs into pieces of art. Dorcil "Crawfish Jackie" Albair has been making crawfish art since the early 1990s.

"We had a big, old crawfish boil," recalled Albair. "My husband said that he had the awfullest dream last night. He dreamed that them crawfish was boiling him. I said 'Really!' And I laughed and made one called "Cajun Boil."

Albair does all her work in her Hackberry workshop, not far from the Calcasieu Ship Channel. She makes one just for the holidays. It's called, "Santa Claws and Randolph the Red-Nosed Gator." You can find her crawfish masterpieces all across the country. Many were sold in souvenir gift shops.

"Well now that there is crawfish poker night. A couple of them kinda cheats. See, one of them is slipping the ace under there, under the table," she said.

Jackie says her goal is to make people happy.

"I think of the crazy things I see people doing ... And myself. Myself. Laughs. I try to make it humorous. We don't laugh enough. People don't laugh enough. There is so much sadness and we don't appreciate what laughter we do have. I love to see people laugh," she said.

For more information on Crawfish Jackie, call 337-3774.

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