Town of Welsh caps sewer lines on private lots

Town of Welsh caps sewer lines

WELSH, LA (KPLC) - A new ordinance in Welsh may seem small and simple, but can have a huge impact.

It's only four-inches, but has the potential to be harmful, which is why the ordinance said sewer lines on private lots must now be capped.

"These lines are tied into the town's main sewer system," said Town Superintendent Rick Matte. "A four-inch line in a rain storm has a tremendous amount of water that goes in it."

It's all to prevent sewer problems down the line.

Rain water is a concern, but the ordinance is also for safety, like children playing by the lines.

"The other part would be children or anybody putting foreign material into the open sewer line," said Matte. "That could eventually wash into our main line, again causing problems."

Welsh officials also said capping is a good idea for animals, too.

"What this does is it keeps a small animal getting into the opening and causing the animal some type of injury," said Matte.

And even with a brand new ordinance, Welsh officials said much of the community already bought a cap and helped out their town.

"We received a tremendous amount of success," said Matte. "Some that were not capped were capped within a couple of days and we appreciate the citizens fulfilling their obligations."

Whether it's a vacant lot or a place to call home, town officials said the update is the responsibility of the owner of the property.

People with uncapped sewer lines in their yard have until Nov. 5 to cap it.

It's a $50 fine after that and the fine is accumulated monthly until the occupant of the property caps it.

The caps cost around $2 and can be found at hardware stores.

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