Charity hosts gaming marathon for Christus St. Patrick Hospital

Charity hosts gaming marathon for Christus St. Patrick Hospital

From Xboxes to Wiis, video games are all the rave and Christus St. Patrick Hospital is using gaming as a way to give back.

The Children's Miracle Network , an international non-profit organization that raises funds for children's hospitals, teamed up with Extra Life Charity, a charity that sets up gaming marathons to raise money for hospitals. Children's Miracle Network event manager Chuck O'Connor says they do just a little more.

"This is a great opportunity to just kind of let go," said O'Connor. "Forget about the day-to-day reality, play some games and just have fun."

The event featured food and drinks and was even more fun with the help of Best Buy which donated four televisions for a real video game experience.

The event also featured board games for those who wanted to take a different route at gaming.

But for Yosha Fontenot and her son Devin, the event meant more.

"He has sickle cell disease," said Fontenot. "People just don't realize when the doctor says that you have a healthy baby boy or a healthy baby girl, they don't realize how blessed they are."

Fontenot said she's a fan of the Children's Miracle Network because all the donations stay at home.

"They don't send the money to Houston or to New Orleans," said Fontenot. "All the money stays right here. They are wonderful."

As far as her son, Devin, he had something else in mind for his mom during the event.

"I can beat her at board games," said Devin.

O'Connor said that this was the first time the event wasn't online. He hopes to gather enough funding and support to host an even bigger event next year.

Extra Life started in 2008 after a young girl lost her battle against leukemia. Members sent in video games and bought gifts as a way to keep the girl's spirits despite numerous hospital stays. Now, more than 100 web sites and more than 12,000 donors, the charity is growing fast. For more information on Extra Life, CLICK HERE.

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