The local effect of reduced funding for SNAPs

Local effect of cut backs on SNAPs

With the reduction in funding for the federal food stamps program many residents are going to put in a tough situation.

As Major David Craddock explains: "Many can't make ends meet now, so, with the reduction there they have to pick up the extra groceries somewhere else. If they don't have the funds they'll be coming to food pantries."

Unfortunately many will be forced to choose between two daily necessities. Such as food or medicine, or food and clothing, as the cut backs continue.

But those cut backs won't only affect those getting federal assistance, but other needy families as well, Major Craddock says :" It'll make a bigger demand for the food stuffs that we have and our concern would be that eventually these resources would be stretched to the limit and starting to run out."

With the holiday season about to get underway there could be even more who are in need during Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Craddock is asking for our residents to help those in need "We're just asking people to be very generous, continue to give as they do give, realizing that we will do the very best we can to make sure that the food goes the furthest, but that people get the nutrition that they need."

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