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Scary Halloween weather near DeQuincy


It was a scary Halloween, south of DeQuincy, but for all the wrong reasons.

"There's no scary pumpkins here, just bad weather," said John Miller, who lives off Wanda Lane.

The wind moved through quickly and took most of the shingles on Miller's house with it.

"Roof's gone. The whole roof is going to have to be redone. This is about a 10-foot section of porch that I got left, that's all the roof I got left, so I'm going to have to re-do my whole porch," said Miller.

Tin from his porch was scattered around the area, even in the woods. There in the rain he and his fiance worked to keep the rain from getting inside the home.

"I was covering my roof so it doesn't rain in my house. I had to put tar paper over top of my roof. I just lost the shingles. I didn't lose any wood off the top of my house. I lost wood off of my porch, but not off of my house but I think it lifted the south end of my house a little bit so I'm gonna have to get that structurally looked at," said Miller.
Cleanup won't be fast or easy. 

"It's going to take several weeks, maybe a month or two to get everything back in order because I gotta wait for the insurance and see what they're going to do and then I gotta rebuild all this," said Miller.

No confirmation, but he has an idea about what it was.

"I'm thinking the way things are looking it was a tornado that hit but not on the ground ... It just passed over the top of us because it knocked down several trees around here and they looked twisted," he said.

In fact, on the very same street one lay across the road but crews were working to clear the way. No word of any injuries.

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