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Coast Guard facilitates security exercises

The U.S. Coast Guard, in conjunction with other local, state and federal agencies, held a security exercise in Calcasieu Parish on Tuesday. 

"We're exercising a simulated response to a simulated improvised explosive device incident," said Lt. Will Fediw. 

As Fediw explains, the exercise is all a simulation, but it is something that could happen in Southwest Louisiana.  

"The maritime security plans we look at any type of security situation which could range from anything from a potential terrorism event or any type of other security incident," Fediw said.

To plan for these security incidents, the Coast Guard, which serves as the lead agency for maritime events in the area, work in conjunction with other agencies. 
"We have stations set up where people are involved in the planning aspect, the operations aspect and obviously the command and control aspect," Fediw explained. 

The maritime committee is comprised of representatives from local law enforcement entities and as they improve their plans from year to year, they're confident they would be ready for any type of situation. 

"The maritime security committee here in Lake Charles has always done a great job working together with law enforcement and industry to identify those gaps and make sure we're mitigating them," Fediw said. 

The exercises aren't just geared for the agencies that respond to these types of situations, they're also to help prepare the organizations and companies that are considered prime targets in the area. 

"When we run an exercise in conjunction with them not just the federal and state and local law enforcement but also with those industry personnel, it helps them be better prepared as well," he said.

Practicing the decades old adage that preparation is key.

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