Hometown Patriot - Boice Morgan

Hometown Patriot: Boice Morgan

It was 1943 when James Boice Morgan got into the Army to help in the fight against Japan.

He served as a combat engineer, helping to build bridges and runways, along with assembling Higgins barges that carried both personnel and equipment.

"It had a double bottom," recalled Morgan. "In other words, it was a floating barge with two motors on them. One on each side. Both of them independent of the other. You could run with one motor or run with two."

Morgan said the barges were especially used on the island of Leyte, battling Japanese forces who were hunkered into hillside tunnels.

"They would pull their guns out, which was on the track and fire them and then go back into the hill. They had several of them that day. They were hard to get to, because there was swamp right in front of them," he said.

Morgan eventually got to meet General Douglas McArthur, who went on to lead troops in Korea. He feels like McArthur was a hero and wasn't treated properly by President Harry Truman.

"I think if Truman hadn't interfered with him, I think we'd have all of Korea united today instead of a divided Korea. They stopped at the 38th parallel, mainly because of President Truman's order," he said.

Morgan is currently a member of the Mayor's Armed Forces Committee in Sulphur.

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