Tommy and Rita Hewett: A Passion For Breeding Horses

Breeders Cup Iota

Tommy Hewett breeds race horses.

"We got involved with the racing and raising horses when I was young, and I always said when I was able that I wanted to do it again and breed these race horses. So approximately in April, it will be 4 years."

His wife Rita has been on board since day 1.

"He had said he wanted to do horses and I said well if you want to do horses well lets take it lets get it, lets get it done. It's been a good three years, and I've enjoyed it tremendously cause I know how much joy it brings him."

At one of the first sales they went to, it took some convincing to buy a mare that would soon be the mother of the Hewett's best horse so far.

"She said well buy her. And I said well I don't know, I'm kind of scared to buy her because you know it just don't seem right, and after, while the bid was going on, she took her elbow, and said buy her! And so boom, I bought her. And so that's how we bought Designer Leg's mother."

Now most people breed their entire lives, but it has only taken the Hewett's 3 and a half years to have a horse race in the Breeders Cup.

"It's been fun watching Designer Legs progress, and to watch her go to the Breeder's Cup is going to be very exciting and a lot of fun."

"This is just such an exciting thing for us to accomplish such a thing, and in our first crop. People strive for this all their lives, and not get it done. We feel so lucky, in that regard. And this girl, she's gonna give them heck, I do believe that."

But designer legs isn't the first horse from Louisiana to compete. There were 3 other before her, all going though a program called the Louisiana Thoroughbred Breeders Association.

"Our breeders program in this state is number 1 in the nation. This shows literally that horses from Louisiana can compete with anybody given the right circumstances."

And while taking care of all his horses brings Tommy the most happiness, Rita says there is nothing like the rush of a race.

"I just sit back and watch him get all that joy out of it. It makes me really happy to see that. I'm his cheerleader I guess you could call it."

And you can cheer on Designer Legs in Lane 3 of the Juvenile Fillies Race this Saturday at 2 p.m. Watch online at along with the trophy ceremony on NBC Sports at 2:30.

At your service, on coulee croche thoroughbreds farm. Rebecca Cade, KPLC 7 Sports.