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DeRidder sign ordinance stands


Steve Delia has been frustrated with the DeRidder City Council when it comes to the future advertising of his business.

"Our ordinances are so messed up that not even the city officials can properly determine the ordinances," Delia said.

Delia has been attending city council meetings, waiting to find out if he would be granted an exception to the city's current sign ordinance.

Delia was requesting to have a 300-square-foot sign, which is a billboard.

Delia was awarded his exception at the City Council meeting on Monday, but a new piece of information was brought to the attention of the panel.

"This evening, the mayor presented each council member with a letter talking about the Myth and Legends Byway. This is a federal program and it basically discusses outdoor advertising," said City Council President Joe Siciliano.

So, with the Myth and Legends Byway already in effect, if any other businesses want a billboard exception within the city limits of DeRidder, they'll have to talk to the federal government, officials said.

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